EPA 6094 Organizational Dynamics

Course Synopsis

The module provides participants with an analytical background to the study of educational management and administration from a systems and organisational perspective. Schools are complex formal organisations. The module examines how schools navigate between external/policy contexts and internal processes, and enhances our insight into human factors and dynamics at schools as learning organisations. Drawing on local and international experience, the module analyses frameworks of educational organisations as bureaucracies, socio-political systems and open systems.


At the end of the module, participants are expected to demonstrate a critical understanding of the rationale behind school practices and be prepared for contributing to the effective management of school.

This course adopts a blended learning and teaching mode, consisted of five lectures, five online activities, and two tutorial consultations. Students’ participation in all sessions is equivalently important.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs)

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

CILO1   demonstrate a better understanding of the key concepts of school systems, organisations and organisational behaviour;

CILO2   critically examine how schools cope with the demands of the external/policy context through their internal structures and processes with particular reference to the local HK context;

CILO3   critically examine organisational theories and be able to apply them to school leadership and administration in local and international context;

CILO4   demonstrate a better understanding of the main concepts of learning organisations and school-based management (self-managing schools);

CILO5   critically examine the role of a teacher in self-managing schools in relation to educational leadership and administration in the local context; and

CILO6   grasp and develop the understanding needed to effectively contribute to improving the organizational or systems structure of a school in order to enhance student outcomes in given contexts.

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