EDS6003 Introduction to Research Methods

Course Synopsis

This Course introduces participants to the practice and logic of social science inquiry in education. Within two broad paradigms of research (i.e., quantitative and qualitative), participants are required to engage in the complete process of investigation (i.e., design, data collection, data analysis, and reporting) using a selected set of research methods. Participants will develop knowledge about the selected methods, including an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each method. Participants will gain competence, through directed practice, in the choices researchers have to make at each stage of the research process in order to achieve high quality results. At the end of the Course, participants will have gained understanding and skill in conducting research from design to reporting, such that they will be able to make use of the selected methods, with supervision, in their own masters level thesis research.

Course Objectives

To enable participants to:

  • Understand and evaluate one core research method in both qualitative and quantitative paradigms.

  • Understand and appreciate the similarities and differences between qualitative and quantitative paradigms in the research process.

  • Develop competence in conducting empirical data collection, analysis, and reporting according to standards appropriate to both qualitative and quantitative paradigms.

  • Understand and appreciate linkages between the methods and methodological processes taught in the Course to a wide variety of research methods.

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