EDA8003 Leading Organizational Change

Course Synopsis

This module provides an opportunity for students to critically reflect upon major issues relating to organizational change in the region, especially in schools. As an advanced course designed for practitioner-scholars, students will be challenged to employ varied theoretical perspectives towards the analysis of organizational change in the Asia-Pacific region. Students will learn both to analyze organizations as contexts for change and to design and evaluate strategies for effective change implementation. Finally, the course asks students to examine the impact of cultural context on leadership practice.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs)

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

CILO1   Employ multiple perspectives on organizations -- personal, political and structural – in analyzing problems arising in the implementation of change in organizations.

CILO2   Identify obstacles and elaborate on causes of resistance to change in organizations.

CILO3   Design and apply successful strategies for implementing organizational change.

CILO4   Conduct a “contextualized” analysis of an organization’s readiness for change.

CILO5   Evaluate the effectiveness of alternate strategies for implementing successful organizational change.

CILO6   Reflect upon the challenges of implementing organizational change in intercultural contexts and develop contextually-relevant strategies to account for these challenges.

CILO7   Refine your research knowledge and skills in conducting small-scale interview study.

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