EDA4032 School Governance for Teachers

Course Synopsis

This course is designed to provide students from diverse backgrounds and experiences with essential knowledge of school governance so that they can be active change agents in issues which are important at and across the whole school. Improving a school’s capacity through meaningful involvement in school governance is an increasingly important part of a teacher’s job. School governance refers to how the school operates as a whole and what teachers can do to become useful contributors to overall school life. With the establishment of new school governance structures such as Incorporated Management Committee (IMC), teachers have increased opportunity to play an important role in school issues which impact their daily work in classrooms and their role across the school. Students are required to examine the current school governance system in Hong Kong and to seek alternate effective school governance systems that influence teachers’ daily teaching practice.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs)

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

CILO1   identify key contextual factors shaping school governance systems such as accountability-related policies and legal/law systems related to school governance. 

CILO2   have a good understanding of conceptual knowledge of school governance structures in general and particularly the role of Incorporated Management Committee (IMC), School Management Committee (SMC), and School Sponsoring Bodies in school governance.

CILO3   apply multiple perspectives or theories of teacher leadership, which promote effective and democratic governance, in contemporary educational organization contexts (e.g., schools, learning centers).

CILO4   demonstrate personal competence in both collaborating with other institutional agents (e.g., principals, school board members, school district officers) and driving changes in their serving organization.

CILO5   evaluate the effectiveness of alternate models of school governance that improve quality of teaching and teachers’ work life.

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